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Welcome to Thai cuisine

A unique experience among the many foods of the world.

The tastes and aromas of Thai cuisine have developed over centuries from a wide range of influences from neighboring countries.

Now, Thai cuisine can claim a distinct style and delicious flavor of it’s own, through a variety of herbs and spices with the Exotic touch of fish sauce.

The secret of Thai cuisine’s special taste is not the ingredient alone. The Thai chef’s special blending together of ingredients is what creates the memorable taste of Thailand.

Thai cuisine can only be experienced by tasting a little of everything which Thai food has to offer. Thai curry, perhaps the most famous of Thai dishes, comes from a delicate blend of mysterious curry paste, coconut milk and a mix of herbs and spices to give it a “spicy hot or spicy not” taste.

Thai people always make sure they have a variety of main dishes including the important bowl of steamed rice.

But even more important, Thai people never rush a meal; otherwise they might miss the unique taste and enchanting aromas of one of the fines cuisine of the world.

So sit back… relax, and enjoy the taste of Thailand.